OKR Software made simple

OKRs are much more than goals, they are a management philosophy.​ Our software helps you implement OKRs the right way, without stress.

  • Lack of clarity
  • Lack of clear benefits
  • Misalignment with company objectives
  • Lack of commitment

Better align team OKRs with company objectives​

  • Automate the process of OKR creation in your company.​
  • Help teams align their OKRs to company objectives.​
  • Visualize the dependencies between OKRs in your organizations​.

Make excellent OKRs

​Creating good OKRs must not be hard

  • Facilitate the collaborative creation of OKRs.​
  • Create OKRs with support of AI​.
  • Link your Key Results with our connectors.​
  • Assign accountable people​.

Review regularly OKRs

  • Automate the OKR review process.​
  • Forster the self-reflection with customizable check-in templates.​
  • Use collective intelligence to reach your goals.​

Get Support from our OKR Experts

Our Experts have helped hundreds of companies implementing OKRs.​

They will help you to roll out successfully your OKR strategy in your company.

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