Agile Health Checks for teams and organizations

Improve the employee engagement, team dynamics and agile practices with our intelligent surveys and retrospectives.

Visualize team satisfaction and potential for improvement

Collect data on team satisfaction, practices and standards. Identify potential for improvement and motivate your teams to progress.

If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it.

~ Lord Kelvin

Measure your progress with the Business Agility Index

Our Assessment Model is based on group psychology research and agile frameworks. Moreover, it is fully adaptable to the goals of your agile transformation.

Make the continuous improvement cycle more efficient in your organization.

Teams are invited to perform regular self-assessments. During retrospective, they discuss the results and decide actions to improve.
They receive then recommendations for methods and training from a company knowledge base.
As a consequence, teams feel more engaged in the improvement process and make changes happen.

Customize agile assessments based on your company culture and context

Add your own metrics and criteria depending on the context of the teams. Adjust the priority of each criterion and the rotation frequency in the surveys.

Engage your Team in improvement with Agile Retrospectives.

Teams prioritize the development areas and decide actions to improve them in our agile retrospective tool.

Share best practices in your company with a knowledge base.

Help teams improve with recommendations from a catalog of methods and trainings.

Everyone can contribute to the enrichment of this catalog, which thus becomes a common knowledge base for the entire company.


Secured Cloud hosting in Europe.
Hosting in your infrastructure possible.

Compliant to European Data Protection Policy (GDPR).

Data aggregation in your organization structure and display in a company dashboard.

Connection with Data Analytics Tools (e.g Tableau) with a RESTfull API.

Single Sign-On with your company authentication server using the OAUTH protocol.

Integration with JIRA for task management.

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