Our vision:

Extraordinary teams improve the world

In an increasingly complex and volatile world, we need excellent teams more than ever.

Our company AgileValue offers software solutions to help teams and organizations to improve and be more successful.

We bring more clarity in agile organizations

The way companies are driven is dramatically changing. The organizations become more and more customer-centric and need to give more autonomy to their teams.

We want to build the first platform to unleash the potential of teams. Our software brings more transparency, enabling people to learn faster, align to common goals and make better decisions.

Our Story

We have worked in large companies for many years, and we saw the great waste due to organizational inefficiencies. We saw people who were not sufficiently recognized for their skills. We saw employee engagement wane because they were not involved in the changes.

Everyone deserves a fair environment in which they can develop their talents and grow. The agile movement, launched in 2001, has given companies an impetus to refocus on people and give more responsibilities to teams.

We founded the company AgileValue in 2021 to continue this movement and extend it to the entire world of work.

Our mission is to challenge traditional management software to refocus it on people and make it more collaborative.

Our philosophy

We seek the perfection in the user experience.

We don’t compare. Each company and each individual is unique.

We maximize the value created for our partners.

Any change is more effective if teams drive it.

Our tools encourage dialogue and collaboration.

Our Customers are our Partners.

NewWork business award

TeamMeter is the winner of the NewWork Business Award 2024 in the software category.


We are interested in partnerships with institutions, consulting companies or other software providers who want to shape with us the future of work.

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Joining our Team

We are a team of passionate thinkers, designers and engineers. We work remotely from Frankfurt, Paris, Strasbourg, Marseille and Rome.

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